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Areas of law in which Andrew Practices:  Personal Injury,  Medical Negligence,  Professional Negligence,  Arbitration, Mediation

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Damages for state of the art Genium prosthetics

In C v Mc*  [2013] Andrew Ritchie QC represented a delightful motor cycle mechanic, aged 24 who suffered post traumatic leg amputation after an RTA.  He later became a good wheelchair basketball player.  Obtaining £2.29 million in compensation for state of the art “genium” prosthetics, single level accommodation, loss of earnings and care.


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Damages for double leg amputation

In S v EUI Insurance  [2013] Andrew Ritchie QC represented a very brave young man aged 31 who received £2.75 million in compensation.  He was a good Samaritan trying to push a broken down car off the road when the Defendant negligently drove into him and crushed his legs.  Both were later amputated.  The compensation covered loss of earnings for life, modern bilateral prosthetics, adapted accommodation and care for life.

In W v Royal Surrey NHST  [2013] Andrew Ritchie QC represented a child born with spastic cerebral palsy due to hypoxia, the injury being caused in part by the hospital’s failure to carry out a caesarean section.  Liability settled at 70%.

Untraced Drivers applications: costs and appeals

January 2013:  Mr Justice Stuart-Smith made a publicity order in relation to his judgment in AN v MIB [2012].  The MIB had sought to keep the decision private.  The MIB refused compensation to a man made paraplegic by an untraced driver.  C appealed represented by Andrew and won on liability,  The MIB’s medical experts were held to have been less than impartial.  Instructed by Irwin Mitchell London the arbitrator awarded costs against the MIB.

AU v MIB 18/10/2012 Andrew Ritchie QC has successfully achieved one of the highest ever awards under the Untraced Drivers Agreement 1996, on appeal to the arbitrator from the MIB's award of £1.9 million, the award was increased by the arbitrator to £2.6 million. 

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