Andrew Ritchie QC

9 Gough Square, London EC4A 3DG 

Tel:  0207 832 0500     DX: LDE 435 Chancery Lane


Areas of law in which Andrew Practices:  Personal Injury,  Medical Negligence,  Professional Negligence,  Arbitration, Mediation

Legal News

B v St Barts and the Royal London [2013]  Andrew Ritchie QC represented a pregnant nurse who suffered congenital malrotation of the gut and underwent an operation to resolve it which was carried out negligently leading to removal of the whole of her gut and reduced her life expectation.  Settled for a large sum.


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CV           Publications

V v MarkerStudy [2012]  Andrew Ritchie QC leading Laura Begley represented a one legged man who worked as a bus driver and who lost his other leg in a tragic road traffic accident.  Liability was admitted by the defendant’s insurer. Damages were eventually negotiated at £1,300,000 for his pain and suffering, his past and future care and the prosthetics and aids and accommodation  he will need in the future.

X v Y [2012] Andrew Ritchie QC negotiated a settlement which was approved by Eady J in the High court  for a 16 year old man who suffered severe brain damage in a road traffic accident. Liability was admitted by the insurer and the quantum was settled at a £2.2 million lump sum plus PPOS of £71,000 pa increasing by RPI. Privacy order  attached.

W v South Yorkshire HA [2012] Andrew Ritchie QC  acted for a child who suffered athetoid cerebral palsy due to negligent intubation during resuscitation after her birth. Her parents never brought a claim but when W reached majority she decided to investigate the cause of her disability.  After initial denials, proceedings were commenced and the NHLSA admitted liability and later  Andrew negotiated damages of  £2,000,000 plus PPOS of £112,400 pa for life.

He is the cream of the crop, a no-nonsense QC who cuts right to the key issues”

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