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Areas of law in which Andrew Practices:  Personal Injury,  Medical Negligence,  Professional Negligence,  Professional Discipline, Inquests and Inquiries, Arbitration, Mediation

Clinical Negligence:

Spinal Injuries:

C v UCL [2017] representing a panel beater who suffered minor spinal cord injury due to missed diagnosis. Settled for a lump sum of £870,000.

H v Imperial College Hospital [2017] representing a 60 year old man with pre-existing Ankylosing Spondylitis who suffered a missed diagnosis of spinal haematoma and increased spinal chord symptoms as a result.   Settled for £1.5 million lump sum.

Cerebral palsy claims:

W v Royal Surrey NHST  [2013] representing a child born with spastic cerebral palsy due to hypoxia, the injury being caused in part by the hospital’s failure to carry out a caesarean section.  Liability settled at 70%.

W v South Yorkshire HA [2012] Sheffield, acting for a child who suffered athetoid cerebral palsy due to negligent intubation during resuscitation after birth. Approved award: £2 million plus PPOS of £112,400 pa for life.

Morris v Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust [2007] Cardiff D.R. Lawtel, Hypoxia at birth, cerebral palsy, settlement, Lump Sum value £3 million, periodical payments for lost earnings £15,000 pa to age 70, stepped periodical payments for care £70,000 pa for life (index linked to the ASHE).

Raichura v Leicestershire H.A. [2003] Lawtel, Leicestershire District Registry (HHJ Hall QC). The claimant, a 23-year-old man, received a "bottom up settlement" or periodic payments settlement (with an old style lump sum value of £2,920,000) for the severe hypoxic-ischaemic brain damage sustained during his birth in November 1979. Cerebral palsy and tetraplegia, severe cognitive impairment, wholly dependent on others for his care and daily needs.


Failure to diagnose claims:

P v Medway [2015] representing a man in his late 50s with bladder cancer who whilst receiving a replacement bladder suffered hemiplegia due to spinal haematoma caused by failed epidural injections for anaesthesia and inadequate on ward surveillance post operatively. P ran an investment brokerage raising finance for hedge funds. Loss of opportunity to make future profits was in issue. Settled for £1.7 million plus PPOS for care.

Potter v South Tees Hospitals NHST  [2012] Representing the claimant who suffered septicaemia due to negligent lack of prophylactic antibiotics during a kidney operation. Liability eventually conceded and damages settled at £1 million.

Lanham v Mid Essex NHST & others [2012] Representing a 42 years old man who suffered a stroke due to negligent failure to treat TIAs (transient ischaemic events). Settled for £1 million.

Deneven v Leeds Hospitals [2010] Leeds DR, Representing child blinded by the hospital’s failure to treat eye infection after birth. Approved award £1,000,000.



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