Brain damage claims:

YS v X [2017] EWHC, Whipple J, approved settlement for a 33 year old woman injured in a road traffic accident which left her in a minimally conscious state. Damages agreed at a lump sum of £750,000 with PPOs for life of US$150,000 index linked to USA carers index.

X v Y [2012] approved by Eady J,  Representing a 16 year old man who suffered severe brain damage in a road traffic accident. Liability admitted, quantum settled at £2.2 million lump sum plus PPOS of £71,000 pa increasing by RPI. Privacy order  

Habtu v Mckenzie & MIB [2012]  The Claimant who Andrew represented was injured in a road traffic accident by an uninsured driver. He suffered severe brain injuries, hip fractures and needed constant care and support with a case manager. Case settled for £1 million plus periodical payments of £72,500 per annum for life.

Morby v Richards [2006] Birmingham District Registry. For the successful Claimant. £1,012,000 in damages for the Claimant who suffered a severe brain injury in a road traffic accident.

Russell v Smith [2003] QBD; HH Judge Rich QC. 30/7/2003 Lawtel, For the Claimant. Liability trial. Child claimant with brain injury after road traffic accident on bike, contributory negligence.

Mesothelioma claims:

Streets v Esso [2009] QBD Lawtel, £315,000 Fatal Accidents Act award for widow of mesothelioma victim.

Purdue v Port Line [2008] QBD, Master Whitaker, living mesthelioma sufferer, summary judgment obtained against “bluewater” shipowners, on the basis that they had land based shipwrights. Date of knowledge 1955 of dangers from asbestos.

Amputation injuries:

B v Wigan [2017] Representing a male off license owner in his 50s  injured on a road traffic accident who suffered a below the knee amputation. Settled for £2 million.

Vaghji v  MarkerStudy [2012]  Representing a one legged man who worked as a bus driver and who lost his other leg in a tragic road traffic accident.  Liability admitted by the defendant’s insurer. Recovering £1,300,000 in damages for his pain and suffering and the aids and accommodation and care he needed.

Winters v Haq [2007] Leicester QBD, acting for the successful Claimant, above the knee amputation in RTA, prosthetic leg, settlement of £700,000.


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