Andrew Ritchie QC

9 Gough Square, London EC4A 3DG 

Tel:  0207 832 0500     DX: LDE 435 Chancery Lane


Disputes for which Andrew is a Mediator: 

Personal Injury,  Medical Negligence,  Professional Negligence, Workplace,


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Mediation Service


Andrew’s mediation service is a gentle and  successful way of resolving issues, disputes and claims which avoids the costs and conflict involved in litigation and gives the parties complete control and procedural flexibility.


Andrew Ritchie QC is a fully trained mediator (LSM).

To hire Andrew to mediate your dispute down load the mediation agreement here and email it to Andrew here.

Andrew charges £5,000 per party for a full day mediation with 6 hours reading preparation in advance.

Andrew suggests using DEF e-filing so that the process paperless.

Text Box: “He is the cream of the crop, a no-nonsense QC who cuts right to the key issues”
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